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The key differentiator between The Plot Against Asthma & Allergy Patients and other books on this subject is that this book outlines the underlying mechanisms for allergies and related diseases. Other books dwell on various triggers that provoke the symptoms and stop short of explaining what specific defects differ allergy patients from those who do not have them. Accordingly, these books center on the elimination of the triggers. Books by doctors suggest symptomatic drugs; books by lay authors stress the need of vitamins, minerals, and a healthy way of life. Neither advice goes as far as is necessary, while the defects --- left unrepaired --- grow and the disease progresses. The Plot Against Asthma & Allergy Patients spells out how to correct the causative defects and thus, cure patients or greatly improve their condition.

There is a great paradox in today's medicine: although allergies are recognized to be among the most reversible chronic diseases in the western world, the allergies are getting more and more resistant to all medications, while asthma mortality is rising fast. The main reason for this paradox is concealment of the pivotal knowledge on the substance that lies at the root of these diseases histamine. Histamine is the key mediator of all allergic diseases, the omnipresent mediator of all immune processes, and a major neurotransmitter. The body's histamine actively participates in and regulates numerous vital functions. Among them are hormonal production; production of other neurotransmitters (including such important ones as serotonin, endorphins and noradrenalin); locomotor activity; vascular tone; bowel motility; pain; libido; thirst and appetite. This makes it clear why an imbalanced production of histamine may produce varied symptoms. Its excessive release is the cause of allergic diseases. Medicine knows this, and continuously develops antihistamines and other much more powerful (and much more hazardous) medications to block histamine release. What allergy medicine hides, is the fact that histamine is an autacoid, a self-remedy, and can thus rectify its own production. Histamine was synthesized almost a century ago. Similar to the body's histamine, the man-made substance possesses regulatory and remedial properties. Therefore, the whole body responds to therapy with synthetic histamine. The fact that synthetic histamine can replace a lot of medications has become the central reason for the willful effort by the medical establishment to draw attention away from it.

This book traces the activity of histamine in all of its multiplicity both in health and disease, and in that, it is a breakthrough in the field of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), a 20+year-old medical science that views the body on a holistic level. PNI is rarely taught in medical schools, and in the rare cases when it is, attention is given mainly to the effects of the psyche on the immune system. In contrast, this book provides the scientifically based practical approach, which allows the correction of numerous chemical imbalances in the body, including neurologic disturbances, by targeting specific ailing immune mechanisms responsible for histamine production.

Allergies are genetically predetermined, with the genes being, as a rule, structurally normal. They only malfunction (unlike the changed genes that are found in conditions such as Down's Syndrome) when allergic symptoms are experienced. Histamine, both cellular and synthetic, has a unique ability to reach the genes and correct their functioning. This process is nothing less than genomodulation or, indeed, natural genetic engineering. The book shows the biochemical pathway, through which histamine reaches the faulty genes and rectifies their work, thus making the effect long-lasting.

The repair of the underlying immune mechanisms frees allergy patients from dependence on medications, allows them the enjoyment of being outside at any season, having pets, eating their favorite foods, and partaking in physical/recreational activity --- all of which would not have been possible under conventional treatments. Besides, histamine therapy rids patients of migraine and other vascular headaches. It can greatly help or even cure those who have chronic fatigue syndrome, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, irritable bowel syndrome, and certain non-specific symptoms --- ailments that are poorly diagnosed and considered as untreatable.

Histamine treatment cannot be classified under the category of alternative medicine.It is completely based on findings that have come from mainstream scientific research, but have not been systematized and cohesively collated into something greater than the sum of all of the fragmented data on the topic. Histamine has empirically been used worldwide for almost a century with only limited success. If at the dawn of its employment, there was not enough theoretical information to make the therapy successful, the accumulated findings indicate that histamine's far-reaching medicinal properties can replace numerous medications. The danger of shrinking the drug market prompted the concealment of the knowledge on histamine, which has been skillfully completed by now.

This is the first book that has assembled the collective research on the positive effects of histamine. The author has advanced his own theory on the effects of this substance in disease and recovery not only in allergies and asthma, but also in numerous related chronic diseases. His work is substantiated by the works of the leading scientists in the field of allergy and his own practice in the field.

Efforts to suppress the use of histamine became evident when the author --- following an 8-year battle with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, the governing medical body in Canada's largest province --- was reprimanded and forbidden to employ histamine in the treatment of his patients. The ban on histamine is sinister as it deprived the doctor's patients of the only therapy that was helping them. It is also unprecedented, since histamine research and usage have a track record of nearly 100 years. The fact that the doctor was prohibited to use it, despite having submitted a wealth of scientific information on histamine's efficacy and having enabled the improvement/recovery of about 2,500 of his patients, makes the ban even viler.

Whether you are a sufferer, know of someone who is, or you're a medical practitioner, The Plot Against Asthma & Allergy Patients is a must-read to understand not only the truth behind these widespread diseases and the way to combat them, but also the concerted efforts by the Medical Establishment to obliterate and distort all information related to histamine in order to serve vested interests of its corporate 'sponsors' within the drug industry.

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